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Attend a yoga class in Grand Rapids, MI

Interested in yoga, but don't know where to start? Strengthio Coach has you covered with our yoga classes. We make it easy for anyone to practice yoga in Grand Rapids, MI.

We specialize in teaching special vinyasa classes. This form of yoga focuses on seamlessly transitioning between poses using breath control.

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Flow & Restore Class

Through this well-rounded practice students will learn the foundational poses of a yoga class and the benefits of linking breath to movement while cultivating awareness. The first half of class will move through a flow like sequence guided through alignment cues followed by a grounding back half with longer holds. Students will be led through verbal description and demonstration. This practice will help build strength, improve circulatory health, reduce stress, and increase mobility, stability, and flexibility. Great for beginners and advanced yogis.

Class will be led by Mariea Luisa Macavei, 200hr RYT. Mariea has been committed to a daily yoga practice since October 2017.

"This daily practice has taught me more than I can put into words. I learned that you don't just show up for yourself once, you choose to show up everyday. Through yoga, not only have I become stronger in my body but also more confident in my mind. The reason I love this practice is because I know how empowering and healing it's been for me to face myself and be kind to myself no matter how I feel each day. As a teacher, my hope for everyone is that they find a way back home to themselves so that they can begin to heal and evolve through the power of breath and movement."


Drop-in Rate: $12.00

Monthly Rate Discounts:

• Strengthio 6 Pack $70.00
• Strengthio 12 Pack $135.00

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Get started on your yoga journey

We offer vinyasa classes for people with all kinds of yoga experience. Feel free to sign up for a:

  • Vinyasa beginner class
  • Regular vinyasa flow class
  • Warm vinyasa flow class
  • Energizing vinyasa flow class

All of our classes are fun, and we always maintain a welcoming environment. Speak with one of our trainers to see which class suits you the best.